Welcome to the NOAA/CIMSS Volcanic Cloud Monitoring Web Portal

The NOAA/CIMSS Volcanic Cloud Monitoring web site features near real-time processing of many geostationary and low-earth orbit satellites covering much of the globe. The content within the web site is a result of NOAA funded Volcanic Ash research projects led by NOAA scientist Michael Pavolonis.

The web site development continues and starting in June 2014 a wider audience of meteorologists and geophysicists will be invited to beta test the 'Alerts' portion of the website (internal testing began in May 2013), with wider audience access anticipated later in 2014.

The 'Satellite Imagery' section of the webpage provides near real-time satellite imagery and dervied product loops for approximately the last 35 days. The 'Satellite Imagery' section is organized by Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC) regions of responsibility with sectors over the historically most active locations of those VAAC regions. Currently the following satellites are being processed in near real-time: GOES-EAST, GOES-WEST, MSG SEVIRI, MTSAT, MODIS (via direct broadcast feeds and NASA near real-time feed) over parts of the globe--with more sensors to be added over the coming year(s).